About Us

Mike and Sue

Beehive Cottages is a family run business (managed by Mike and Sue Gichuki) comprising a total of three cottages and one self-contained unit fit for a couple or small family.

The cottages sit on a ten acre plot with two cottages on the beachfront. These provide scintillating scenes of the sunrise, moon reflections on the ocean and other panoramas that make a photographer's dreams a reality.

The family has been using one of these cottages as a holiday retreat to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and after a lot of persuasion from friends who have visited the retreat, they have seen it fit to open the cottage doors to others to enjoy this most relaxing atmosphere.

Queen’s Nest was the original cottage and has been on long lease to a close Australian friend. He enjoyed it as home and office until he just had to buy his own spot up the serene coastline. Queen’s nest will be up for a new lease by February 2010, book early! Photos can be seen under Queen's Nest.

Honeycomb was the family retreat, now open to outside guests. All we can say about it is, "we’ve loved it for over twenty years, we’re sure you will too!"

Forager has been on the Internet and patronized by visitors from far and wide. It was sublet by the long lease tenant staying in Queen’s Nest. It is about 150m away from the beachfront.